TARC says a driver shortage is causing its delays and cancellations

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Transit Authority of River City has a problem that's causing delays, canceled routes and dozens of unhappy riders.

Montez Goldsmith, who said he rides the 23rd and Broadway bus to work, said he's frustrated by how unpredictable the bus has become.

"We've had multiple changes on top of them being late," Goldsmith said. "Like yesterday, I had to switch my bus twice on the same route.

"It kind of blows. That'll make me late to work."

Ferdinand Risco Jr., Assistant Executive Director for TARC, said the delays and cancellations started a few months ago because of a driver shortage. He said the shortage is due to attrition.

It has been on average about two to three runs per day," Risco said.

Risco said canceling routes is a day-to-day decision and  always a last resort.

"The worst thing that we can do every day is to make the decision to not be there and provide for our customers," he said. "We offer overtime. We move runs around. We will reduce frequency, be just a bit late before we will actually cut runs."

Meanwhile, Risco said TARC's problem could be the answer for someone who needs a job.

"We are absolutely looking for operators," he said.

Right now, TARC is down 40 drivers, and until that changes, the company will fight to prevent cancellations. But riders should expect delays.

"We would rather be a bit late than to not show up at all," Risco said.

Goldsmith understands the problem, but he wants TARC to find a better solution.

"That's not our problem," he said. "You all have to do your job as much as us."

TARC officials say you can find information about delays, cancellations and jobs on the company's website.

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