LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB NEWS) -- A new federal policy regulating flavored e-cigarettes is set to take effect Thursday, but not all flavored products will be off the market.

The administration of President Donald Trump created the FDA regulations to curb teen vaping. At first, it seemed all flavored e-cigarettes products would be banned, but a small footnote on Page 9 of the new policy reveals a loophole. The policy restricts only flavors for closed system e-liquid cartridges such as JUUL, and does not apply to refillable cartridges or disposable products.

"Kids have figured out the loophole," said Bonnie Hackbarth, vice president of external affairs with the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky. "Kids have figured out that disposable devices aren't covered by the FDA flavored e-cigarette ban."

Experts say kids are already turning to disposables as an alternative, and the disposables are pretty easy for teens to get. They are usually priced at less than $10 for a single-use pod.

"I ordered it online, I clicked a box that said I was older than 21, and it came to me in two days," Hackbarth said. 

The disposables are often called Puff Bars, which is one brand available on the market. Others brands include Blu, Posh and Stig. A simple internet search reveals seemingly endless options.

The disposables come in flavors such as tangerine ice, strawberry banana, melon ice and mango. The flavors, experts say, draw teens in. 

"This is not good for anybody and it's particularly dangerous for kids," Hackbarth said.

Troy LeBlanc, owner of Derb E Cigs, said he refuses to sell disposables in his 10 Louisville area stores. And he said other local stores are following suit.

"A lot of stores are seeing these disposables that are available online and are now being caught on teens in school, and they're deciding just simply not to carry it, just like we did," he said. 

LeBlanc said he's trying to keep e-cigarettes out of the hands of teens while still offering options for adults. Ultimately, he believes online sales are a major part of the problem.

"We're trying to do what we can to limit teen vaping and unfortunately we have no control over these online sellers," He said.

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