Experts warn Louisville pet owners not to leave furry friends in hot cars

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Fireworks and sparklers might be fun for humans, but they can traumatize our pets.

Louisville Metro Animal Services says it typically takes in nearly four times the usual number of animals after the 4th of July holiday. That's because pets often run away when they're spooked by loud noises.

Experts recommend bringing your pets inside for a day or two to avoid the noise. It's pretty well-known that dogs are often scared of fireworks and other loud noises, but cats can get skittish as well.

For all pets, the best bet is to bring them inside, put them in a room with few windows and give them plenty of treats and toys. 

Perhaps even put on some relaxing music to keep them calm.


Animals with anxiety could still try to run away, even if they're on a chain or leash.

LMAS officials remind pet owners to make sure animals are micro-chipped and registered in the pet database. If your pet does run away, you can call LMAS  to check its shelters, or check for online here:

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