The Hope Buss helps give people a ride to the polls in Kentucky and Indiana

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- When it comes to casting your vote, transportation to and from the polls can be an issue for some people. With Kentucky's voter turnout only expected to be about 30% Tuesday, one Louisville woman is hoping to do her part to help get people to the polls. 

"In some of these areas, not a lot of people have cars because cars are not a necessity. They're a luxury," Stachelle Bussey said. "So what we're able to do is say, 'Hey you need a ride to the polls? We'll get you there.'"

Bussey started The Hope Buss in 2018. Right now, the "bus" is her personal car and the cars of several volunteers who believe in her mission to help others get where they need to go.

"The hope is to get a bus, and we will have a bus," Bussey said. 

But for now, Bussey is using her car, her own gas money and her free time to take people to places like the grocery or polling places. 

"I do not charge one dollar," she said. "I do not charge people anything."

Growing up without a lot of money is something Bussey says she knows well. Though she doesn't have a lot to give, she said what she does have, she wants to use to help others. 

The Hope Buss hopes to serve as a vehicle in every sense of the word and help connect people to the resources they need in the community. Bussey's goal Tuesday was to do that by providing a ride to the polls.

"Even if we can change the life of one person, even if only one voice is heard today through The Hope Buss, at least that's one person," she said. 

The Hope Buss already planned to take nearly 30 people to the polls by 3 p.m. Tuesday. Bussey said she'll help take people wherever they need to go in Kentucky and Indiana until polls close at 6 p.m. The Hope Buss will also provide a ride back to your home. 

To contact The Hope Buss, call (502)-536-9587. 

To donate to The Hope Buss and help Bussey buy a real bus, click here.

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