LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- St. Matthews Police has seen seen an increase in vehicle thefts, and officers said most thieves are picking easy targets:

They're stealing from unlocked cars.

Police said in a number of cases, thieves are looking for guns. In recent months, investigators said at least a dozen guns have been stolen from automobiles in their jurisdiction. 

Jonathan Hayes caught trespassers on surveillance video looking through his vehicle. 

Calling it "frustrating," he said he's now twice caught hooded young men in his driveway checking his vehicles.

Rob Couty, another St. Matthews resident, said he and his wife's car was also recently broken into. 

"Peace of mind's been shattered, to be honest," Couty said. "All of that shows you the brazen attitude they have toward getting what they want."

Though St. Matthews Police said it's seen thefts all over, officers acknowledged people who live around Hycliffe Avenue have been hit hard recently. In fact, auto break-ins in the neighborhood have become such a problem that officers said they have stepped up patrols and have a detailed plan to crack down on the crime.

"I think anybody that can come up with cameras and better shots and definitely license plates — if we can get that information to the police, it's only going to be helpful," Hayes said. 

Residents are stepping up their efforts too, especially after learning about a common trend. 

"When they came to my house, they're coming straight to the glove box. Straight to the console," Hayes said. "They're skipping everything else. They're not taking a dollar bill even if it's in the cup holder. They don't care. They're looking for weapons." 

Hayes believes the guys that have visited his property are looking for guns. 

To keep guns out of the wrong hands, theft victims, who have learned the hard way, are reminding others to lock their cars and not to leave their weapons behind.

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