Thousands attend vigil on Big Four Bridge for Orlando victims

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Sunday night saw an incredible display of solidarity for the victims of a mass shooting in Orlando and it happened over the Ohio River. 

“It gives me hope to live my life the way I choose to,” said vigil attendee Jason Huff. “To make sure that each and every day I spend with loved ones.”

An estimated 1500-2000 people packed the Big Four Bridge to show support to the victims and their families of the victims.

“You see people agreeing with you on Social media and it's nice,” said Jozi Uebelhoer.  “But when physical people are all singing together and we're all here it's just really empowering it just fills you up.”

Around 300 or so people started on the Jeffersonville side of the river and met with the rest of the group from Louisville at the middle of the bridge. There was singing, prays, and chants of “We are Orlando!”

Several upcoming gay pride events have some concerned about security.

“Of course it has to change,” said Jeffersonville Pride organizer Evan Stoner. “I went over and thanked the police officers for keeping us safe but we're going to have to bump up security.”

Additional police presence was on hand for the vigil Sunday night.