KFC Yum! Center rolls out new security measures at U of L game

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The KFC Yum! Center rolled out new security measures at the U of L basketball game against Pitt Thursday night.

Many said the new security measures -- which include metal detectors at every entrance -- went smoothly, but a small crowd piled up outside the main entrance as the new measure slowed things down a little. 

The KFC Yum! Center sent out a list of tips to help people get through the doors as quickly and efficiently as possible at upcoming games and concerts. You can expect sold out events in the future and these tips could help you get in to see the shows on time. 

  1. ARRIVE EARLY: To prevent a last minute rush that may delay entry significantly, fans are encouraged to arrive as close to the time that doors open as possible. Doors will open one hour prior to women’s basketball games and 90 minutes prior to men’s basketball games and many other events.
  2. DO NOT REMOVE OUTERWEAR/ACCESSORIES: When approaching the entrance, fans should be prepared to place phones and cameras in the tray and unzip all jackets. They can continue to wear hats, belts, shoes and jewelry as they walk through the metal detectors. Spare change, wallets and keys do not need to be removed from pockets.
  3. HOLD ONTO YOUR TICKET: Each person should carry his or her own ticket while passing through the metal detectors, rather than having one person carry tickets for the group.
  4. REMOVE PROHIBITED ITEMS FROM POCKETS AND PURSES: Prior to arriving for the event, the KFC Yum! Center recommends that guests leave all prohibited items in their car or home. A list of prohibited items can be found here. Please note that purses can be no larger than 14” x 14” x 6.”
  5. USE ALL AVAILABLE DOORS: Fans should avoid congregating at any particular door unless otherwise instructed. 

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