BTS tools for success

LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- Education experts shared some tools and tips to help students find success this school year.

For little ones, JCPS family engagement specialist Chrystal Hawkins suggests parents help students ease back into a scheduled routine.

It's also a good time to open a conversation about school and set goals as a family.

For ideas, Hawkins suggests students' goals can include joining a new club, making new friends, or learn about a new topic.

Parents should also make an effort to bridge the gap between school and home.

"(For example,) I'm going to get involved in at least one activity at the school, or I'm going to find one teacher or one administrator, get their information and try to keep in touch with them," she said.

For students in grades K-5, parents can track kids' progress through free online games on

For middle and high school students, JCPS Chief Academic Officer Dr. Carmen Coleman encourages parents to help teens find their passions. Ask them what they want to do after school and what interests them.

"It's always good to explore before you're out there on your own and trying to figure out what you want to do," Coleman said.

Even if students aren't sure what to pursue, simply encourage them to try different things.

If they find a certain career path interesting, call around to local businesses and see if he or she can job shadow for a day.

"The more that (especially high school) students can take advantage of the opportunity to learn and get experience, the better for them down the road," said Coleman.

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