Tornado victims remembered during a ceremony in Henryville

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Name by name, the 34 people from Kentucky and Indiana who died on March 2, 2012, when tornadoes ripped through the area, were remembered on Sunday.

The tornado that hit New Pekin, Indiana killed 5 members of the Babcock family.

Homes and businesses were destroyed in Kentuckiana communities, and for those that survived, it's sometimes hard to reflect back.

"I'm a little emotional about that," says Henryville resident Adron Rafferty.

"Just hearing all the names of the people who were killed, it really hits home and it makes you grateful for what you do have, and if you weren't hit or you were hit, that you survived," says Charlestown resident Emily Young.

A memorial marker at St. Francis Xavier in Henryville, is one way community members will never forget.

The EF-4 tornado that hit the town destroyed the high school and elementary school.

The church, located next door, was still standing after the tornado hit.

"But above the trees that had been broken off the tops, the steeple was sticking, so at that moment- we've got something here," says Father Steve Schaftlein.

Neighbors and strangers in all communities came together to help those impacted by the devastation.

Now, two years later, while they're looking back, they're hoping this isn't something they ever experience again.

"It's something that we hope we'll never have to go through again," says Adron Rafferty.

"It's the first thing that's really happened like this to us, and it's important to remember that it happened and to be prepared if anything like this ever happens again," says Emily Young.

"This memorial will help us to remember, to honor, but also to pay forward to practice this helping one another," says Father Steve Schaftlein.

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