Tweet by GOP candidate for Ky. Secretary of State implies threat to Rep. John Yarmuth

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky Congressman John Yarmuth is responding to an implied social media threat from a fellow politician. 

The Louisville Democrat posted a tweet on Monday night saying  he is proud of his "F" rating from the NRA. He posted a picture of himself wearing a pin with the letter "F" on his suit jacket. The post invited colleagues to do the same until the "GOP finally stands up to the gun lobby and helps us pass common sense gun safety legislation."

Carl B. Nett, who says he is a Republican candidate for Kentucky Secretary of State, responded to Yarmuth's tweet by asking him to center his photo because he was "trained center mass," a reference to using a firearm to shoot to kill. Nett's profile says he is a former U.S. Secret Service and CIA Officer. Nett has since deleted the tweet. 

In response to the WDRB News inquiry, Yarmuth's office responded saying they are aware of the tweet. 

Yarmuth's Communications Director Christopher Schuler released a statement.  "In the wake of the Scalise shooting, Capitol Police have directed offices to be diligent in reporting all threats to members' safety. They are aware of this situation."

The FBI says it is "aware of the tweet and is working with law enforcement partners to determine the best course of action. The FBI takes seriously all threats of violence."

The Jefferson County Republican Party on Twitter condemned Nett’s remarks “in the strongest of terms, as well as any suggestion of violence against anyone, much less a member of Congress.”

In a statement, Kentucky Democratic Party chairman Ben Self said the comments are “not only alarming but terribly offensive given the numerous shootings including one in Great Mills, Maryland today.” Self said Nett is “obviously unfit to be elected for or hold any Kentucky office. Any threats of violence cannot be tolerated in our current political or public forums.”

Metro Council member Angela Leet, a Republican running for Louisville Mayor, acknowledged on Twitter than Nett had volunteered for her campaign before staff was hired. He has not been involved since deciding to run for office,” she said on Twitter. “We do not condone threats or violence.”

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