Two homes destroyed after fire in Utica, Indiana

UTICA, Ind. (WDRB) -- Two families are left without homes after a fire rips through two Utica houses on Sunday. 

Firefighters say they believe the fire started in one home before 5 p.m. on South Front Street before spreading to another home next door.

Adres Saudr lives in the first house that caught fire. 

"We were having a cookout, in a little bonfire pit, and I stepped out to take my daughter to work, and in a minute the wind picked it up," Saudr said. 

Saudr said his girlfriend was still at home when he left, but when he came back half of his house was gone. 

"The only thing that went through my mind was praise the lord ... at least nobody got hurt," Saudr said. 

The fire soon spread to Saudr's neighbor's home, which was just one challenge for the firefighters when they responded to the fire. 

Firefighters say in addition to wind, they had issues with water, causing them to bring in dump truck operations.

Now, Saudr and his neighbors will have to lean on others to make it by. 

"I'm overwhelmed by the attention and love from the neighborhood, it's amazing," Saudr said.

Fire officials have not released an official cause what started the fire, but believe it was the fire pit and the wind.

Both homes were destroyed, but no one was injured.

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