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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- As the University of Kentucky prepares to welcome back students in the fall, officials are also preparing to phase in a plan to address diversity and inclusion needs across campus.

"At the University of Kentucky, we truly value not only diversity but equity and inclusion -- making sure that all members of our campus community feels a sense of belonging and engagement," Vice-President for Institutional Diversity Sonja Feist-Price said in a statement.

That's why the university says it plans to take a closer look at what needs to be addressed to ensure that's the case across campus, according to a report by Lex 18.

"If there are ways in which we need to better enhance our campus community, to assist minoritized identities," said Feist-Price. "Our students and faculty and staff that sometimes feel as though they're on the margins, but instead (we want them to) feel like they are central to our campus community."

The plan includes required cultural proficiency training for faculty and diversity training for students before the start of classes, developing diversity and inclusion officers within each college and expanding diversity and exclusivity funds for faculty and staff recruitment and retention.

While the university is announcing the plan as people across the country are fighting against perceived racial and social injustice, Feist-Price said the institution has long worked to create an inclusive campus.

"We're not new to this game," she said. "We've been doing this work a very long time, and we have been recognized nationally for the work that we're doing. Our diversity plan reflects our bold vision that continues some of the work we've been doing. We're wanting to package it differently and be more intentional in our efforts."

Feist-Price the university hopes to begin implementing the plan in July and develop it through the fall semester.

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