HILLVIEW, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police say a man who was accidentally shot in Hillview on Wednesday afternoon is expected to recover. 

Hillview Police were called to a home on Prairie Drive on Feb. 21. James Nichols and Hillary Carney told officers that William Gunnels had been shot in the stomach inside the home. 

In body camera video of the incident, officers can be seen with guns drawn saying, "Turn around, turn around. Get on the f****** ground." 

"You already have the situation of the shooting, plus you got somebody that's non-complaint and the unknown," Lt. Charles McWhirter said. "So the scene was very tense."

As Carney called 911, police say Nichols started trying to hide drugs from inside the home in a shed in the backyard.

Gunnels was taken to University Hospital and is expected to recover. Police say Carney shot Gunnells by mistake as he was showing them a revolver.

"Don't play with firearms whether you are under the influence of narcotics or alcohol," McWhirter said. "Accidents do happen, and people can get hurt."

According to court documents, officers entering the home smelled a strong odor of marijuana. After a search warrant was obtained, investigators found a lot of evidence. They found marijuana, drug paraphernalia, over $1,000 in cash and coin, several firearms and ammunition. Police say none of the guns were stolen.

"These things were found in a crawl space," McWhirter said. "Also some stuff was found in a locked safe inside the basement. We had marijuana in jars, other things such as ... liquid THC."

Nichols faces drug charges and resisting arrest. Carney was arrested for an outstanding warrant but is not facing charges from this incident. 

"The reason only one person was charged — there was no intent to cause harm on the gentleman who actually got shot," McWhirter said. "It was merely accidental, and the gentleman who was charged with the trafficking of marijuana, resisting arrest and tampering with physical evidence. He did accept responsiblity for ownership of everything that we seized and that he had stated that nobody else that was there had any ownership of the things we did take.

"I believe they were there smoking marijuana, as far as ownership in everything that we found. I don't believe they had ownership in any of these items."

Hillview Police is still processing all of the evidence from the house, which includes DVRs and even a Dr. Pepper can that was hollowed out and had drugs inside. It had a secret compartment under the lid.

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