Mark Espinosa (Connecticut mugshot)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Police in Wethersfield, Connecticut, say the man wanted by the FBI for stealing cash from an armored car in Louisville was arrested after he gave the Department of Motor Vehicles forged documents.

According to a news release from the Wethersfield Police Department, 28-year-old Mark Espinosa gave the DMV in Wethersfield a forged birth certificate in an attempt to get a driver's license Wednesday morning.

Police were notified, and officers found Espinosa in a hallway.

Police say he initially gave them a false name. He was eventually arrested on a charge of forgery and taken to police headquarters. Once there, he was fingerprinted and photographed.

Police then learned his true identity -- and that he was wanted by the FBI in connection with the theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars from an armored car in Louisville.

The 29-year-old vanished in December, along with a "large amount of cash," that had been placed inside a Garda Armored Truck, according to Lt. Steve Kaufling of the Louisville Metro Police Department. The truck was found at the Jefferson Mall on Dec. 5. Investigators have not said exactly how much cash was taken.

According to a federal affidavit filed with the U.S. District Court days later, investigators say "hundreds of thousands" of dollars were missing from the truck. They did, however, find Espinosa's backpack, coat, service weapon, wallet, driver's license and credit cards inside the vehicle. They also say they found the battery and back cover of his cell phone in the rear cargo area of the truck. There were no signs of blood or a struggle.

A search warrant was executed at Espinosa's home. Investigators say two computers were found in his room, but both hard drives had been removed.

Investigators say they also discovered that on Dec. 4, the day before the robbery, Espinosa got a ride from Jefferson Mall, using the popular ride-sharing app Lyft. They say his cell phone pinged off a tower near the Jefferson Mall the day before the robbery.

Espinosa had not had any contact with any of his family members since the robbery, according to the affidavit.

Connecticut authorities say they searched Espinosa's apartment after his arrest Wednesday morning, and found "a significant amount of cash." The exact amount was not released.

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