ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) -- A U.S. Army Blackhawk helicopter landed at Hardin Memorial Health Friday as part of a medevac drill.

The massive aircraft touched down in a field near the hospital, blowing up dirt, dust and debris. 

"Five minutes after they went wheels up at Fort Knox, they are landing here at Hardin Memorial," said Steve White with Hardin Memorial Health. 

Right now, thousands of ROTC cadets are at Fort Knox training for the summer. Army medics need to be able to get those cadets to a hospital quickly in case of an emergency. The medevac drill was important practice.

"We were able to land and offload a simulated casualty into the ER," Sgt. Hailey Camacho said. "It allows the hospital to see the capabilities that we have and how we're going to be transferring care over to them." 

Hospital staff played a big role in the medevac drill since they take over care of the patient once the helicopter lands.

The Army also held drills with other area hospitals in Louisville and Lexington to have a solid game plan in place. The level of emergency determines where a patient would be flown to, and the Blackhawk helicopters allow for rapid transport time.

These partnerships help make sure our service men and women receive the best care possible when they need it most.

"Just knowing that we have a tiny hand in helping provide support to all those young cadets that come through during the summer is really rewarding," White said. 

The specific air unit that participated in Friday's drill is based in Colorado, and next year, they are scheduled to head overseas to Afghanistan. 

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