Victim in vicious parking garage attack files suit against owners

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It's video that will give you chills. showing a man following a woman through the food court at 4th Street Live! and into an elevator last January.

"I had the most instinctual feeling I've ever had in my entire life, which was I'm going to die tonight," said Kristi McMains, 26.

A camera doesn't catch the worst of an attack inside this parking garage. McMains will never forget it.

"I think about it every day," she said. "Almost every hour."

Her face was blurred in the video, and her voice was silenced until now.

"He immediately yelled at me with profanities to give him my money. Before I could respond, he placed his hand over my mouth, muffling me so I couldn't scream."

McMains believes the only reason she survived is because she managed to get to a gun in her purse and shoot the suspect, John Ganobcik. 

After a trip to the hospital, he was locked up.

"I'm still healing. It's a struggle," she said. "But I'm doing much better."

She's talked to reporters Monday, though, for a reason. McMains and her lawyers are filing suit against Cordish Company and the other owners of the parking garage.

"We believe, and our experts will testify, that the 4th Street Live! owners and operators failed to provide a reasonable measure of security to prevent the attack on Kristi," said her lawyer, Vanessa Cantley.

They say after the elevator, there are no surveillance cameras or security guards that could have prevented or stopped the attack.

"I'm just hoping that simple corrections, simple additions, simple small financial investments could save lives," McMains said.

She added that if it helps with just one potential victim, then she knows she'll have gone through the whole ordeal for a reason.

Ganobcik is still awaiting his day in front of a judge.

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