VIDEO: Murder suspect throws chairs, urinates on floor in LMPD interrogation room

WARNING:  The video above may contain graphic material

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Louisville man charged with murdering his wife in their west Louisville home on the July 4 is caught on camera destroying police property while in custody.

WDRB obtained police video showing the interrogation room following the arrest of Charles Shoulders.

Police: "Have a seat Mr. Shoulders, right here."

Shoulders: "I ain't got nothin’ to do with this (inaudible) (expletive)."

Shoulders, 73, is charged with murdering his wife Juandora. Police say he shot her at their home on South 40th Street in west Louisville the night of July 4. According to his arrest report, police say Shoulders admitted it when he called 911.

He sat inside the interrogation room that night for at least an hour and 24 minutes.

Shoulders: "I need somebody to represent me now."

Police: "Yes sir, I understand. Here's your water, and let me go figure that out and we'll uh.."

Shoulders: "I need someone to represent me now."

Police: "Okay."

Shoulders: "(Expletive) Juandora. Why why why? Evil (expletive)."

Shoulders: "If you're gonna watch me, arrest me and send me to jail. You understand? I have nothing to say to you people. (Expletive)." You dumb (expletive)."

After about 12 minutes, Shoulders can be seen licking his hand trying to get out of the handcuffs. He complained about not having his medication and that the room was not warm enough.

Shoulders: "Hey y'all, I'm cold in here. Hey! You hear me mother (expletive)."

Shoulders: "Y'all can kiss my black (expletive)."

Then he started throwing chairs against the wall before urinating on the floor.

Shoulders: "Hey. I had to piss"

Police: "Why didn't you say something?"

Shoulders: "I hollered."

Police:  "You weren't saying you needed to go to the bathroom."

Shoulders:  "I hollered. You knew (inaudible) mother (expletive)."

Police:  "Here's the thing, we won't ask you any questions if you don't want to talk to us, that's cool. The only thing is... "

Shoulders: "I've already told you, lock me up."

Police:  "We will."

Shoulders:  "Or take me to jail."

Police:  "We will.  But listen..."

Shoulders:  "You sit me in this cold (expletive) room."

Police:  "It takes time okay?"

Shoulders: “I'm gonna piss some more. Might (expletive) next."

Shoulders: "If you have enough evidence that I just murdered a person you'd just lock me up.  It was a fight, one died, one didn't."

After throwing the chairs again, police remove them from the room.

Shoulders: "You gonna freeze a mother (expletive) to death. (Expletive). It's cold in this mother (expletive).  Lord."

Shoulders then climbs on the desk and starts tearing apart the ceiling.

Police:  "What you trying to do?"

Shoulders: "You can't freeze me."

Police: "I'm not freezing you, sit down."

Shoulders:  "You can't freeze me."

Shoulders: "That was my wife, 27 mother (expletive) years."

Police: "Alright man."

Shoulders: "The gun went off, that's it."

Shoulders: "You ain't getting no confession out of me, I'm doing nothing!”

After police leave, Shoulders rips the table off the wall and starts hitting it. Officers come in and tell him it's time to be processed. In all, police say he did more than $500 in damage.

Shoulders faces charges of murder, criminal mischief and terroristic threatening.  He’s due back in court on August 11.


Police say man murdered wife at their west Louisville home

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