Voluntary evacuations underway as brush fire spreads in Floyd County

As a brush fire spreads close to homes in southern Indiana, officials and residents are growing concerned.

Residents are being told that voluntary evacuations are underway as a "safety precaution." Fire crews are working to create a fire break, hoping to keep flames from spreading.

But the steep terrain is keeping fire trucks and hoses from the scene.

The flames rose on Tammy Pierce's property off Highwater Road near State Road 62, a constant threat that kept Pierce up at night.

"It's scary," she said. "I got up every two hours last night to check on it. The trees were glowing. Sparks flying out of the trees."

The New Chapel Fire Department is getting help from 14 surrounding agencies. On Friday, 70 firefighters were working. 

"Most of the firefighting measures we've taken have been on foot," said New Chapel Fire Maj. Paul Holcomb. "Crew members are packing tools and equipment up the hill by ATVs."

Crews will monitor the situation overnight and continue working Saturday.

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