Walmart is coming to west Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- After months of heated debate, it looks like West Louisville will get a new Walmart Store.

WDRB News has confirmed from two sources that the mayor and several council members will hold a news conference and ground breaking on Monday.  That means the vacant land at the corner of 18th and Broadway will be transformed into a big box retail store.

So for now, the debate over what to do with the land is over. On Friday, WDRB News learned a deal has been reached between the city and Walmart.  City leaders won't talk on camera but this secret is hard to keep.

"I have heard ah, unconfirmed but from reliable sources that it is a likely done deal," says Rev. Clay Calloway, co-host of a popular radio show and part of the West Louisville Ministers Coalition.  "We felt that a positive anything is better than a negative nothing, so we were in full support."

Rev. Calloway has been very vocal in his support of Walmart and even believes the retailer will benefit surrounding businesses.

"It's the beginning of something big no doubt.  Anywhere they've gone - at my church in southern Indiana, they had a Walmart, there was nothing there before we moved there they had a Walmart that came and everything came," says Calloway.

But not everyone in west Louisville has rolled out the welcome mat for the store.  Some believe the company will not pay employees fair wages.   In fact, there were several protests that even included a member of metro council.

"Obviously this Walmart will not be in district one but it will be something that our constituents will be able to take advantage of," says Louisville attorney Jessica Green.

Green is also a district 1 candidate for Metro Council; she took a position in favor of Walmart early in her campaign.  Green explains, "I think it's a good thing for everybody here the businesses, the residents and the entire city for us to just be able to have something here instead of just this concrete."

With the announcement coming soon, both Green and Calloway hope the protester are done.

"But if they don't, that's okay. I am just encouraged for the benefit to the western Louisville residents, I am all in for the west end," says Calloway.

WDRB News has been told the news conference and groundbreaking will take place on Monday afternoon.

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