War of words in Bardstown between the mayor and the local paper

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- An editorial in The Kentucky Standard newspaper published Wednesday called Bardstown Mayor John Royalty "a danger to innocent bystanders."

It all stems from Royalty's reshuffling of police department personnel without telling the then-Chief of Police Rick McCubbin. 

"I have dedicated myself to this city, and for The Kentucky Standard to do that, yes that is trash, that is trash reporting," the mayor said in response to the article.

While the mayor didn't like the wording of the piece, the newspaper's editorial board is standing by what it printed. 

"We wanted to speak directly as to how we felt. You know I am going to let the editorial speak for itself," Forrest Berkshire, Kentucky Standard's editor, said. 

Although the editorial weighed-in on the shake-up within the department, Royalty said that's not what he takes issue with in the piece.

Royalty said he's unhappy the paper brought up his past - specifically his suspension while working as a police officer in Lexington.

"Before he could be reinstated, he was required to pass an evaluation," the editorial stated. 

"Yeah, it's a low blow. I think it's trash. My record should speak for itself, for the 15 years that I spent on the city council," Royalty explained.  

The mayor found his 1991 mental evaluation that allowed him back to work as a Lexington officer and showed it to WDRB's news crew. 

In it, a psychologist went on record stating that Royalty "functions in the top 5% of law enforcement professionals."

Royalty said he'll ask The Kentucky Standard for a retraction. 

"I have not spoken directly with the mayor since the editorial published," Berkshire said.

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