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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Elizabethtown Independent Schools Superintendent Kelli Bush spoke with WDRB about what families can expect as classes move online.

The change comes as Hardin County recently moved to the "red" zone due to an increase in COVID-19 cases. Elizabethtown Independent Schools have been running on a hybrid schedule over the past few months of learning. With some staff and students having to quarantine, the district made the call to move to virtual classes. Bush said there have been "a few positives here and there" among staff and students, but mainly just quarantines. Bush says the cases, overall, have been minimal, but staffing during the pandemic can also be a challenge.

"Staffing can become an issue, but we felt that this time too it's an opportunity to help our community and for all of us to work together to try to get these numbers turned back around," Bush said. 

Bush says she believes students and staff exposure to the virus is happening out in the community. Ultimately, Bush says the district feels good about mitigation strategies to curb the spread of the virus within schools. 

The district will be closed Monday and Tuesday for the election, and online learning will start Wednesday. Elizabethtown Independent Schools had three weeks of online earlier in the year to get students and staff acquainted with what that process would look like in the event that classes became entirely virtual. The district transitioned into a hybrid schedule on September 14. 

Bush says her message to parents, students and staff is to continue to work hard on the mitigation strategies in place. 

"Wearing the masks, social distancing, limiting your contact with other people and kind of create that little bubble of your people," Bush said. "We're doing a fantastic job within the schools, we just need to continue to do that in the community and just kind of buckle down at this point."

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