David Turner Jr. and his family being presented $1,000 check

David Turner Jr. and his family being presented $1,000 check. 

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Just your average Monday became a surprise for a 7-year-old with brain cancer and his family.

David Turner Jr. and his family had a knock on their door and found out they were being awarded a $1,000 check from Raising Hope, a charity that was started by Rodney Smith Jr. Smith travels around the country mowing lawns for the elderly, disabled, single mothers and veterans. Through his travels, he’s garnered quite the following on social media. So in January, he started asking his supporters to donate to a different family in need every month.

“All the donations are just from $5 donations, so $5 adds up,” Smith said.

David's aunt nominated him, and he received enough votes this month to win.

“It's cool to make someone's day," Smith said. "That's what the whole idea is about: to help families out and encourage others to give back."

David was diagnosed with brain cancer last year.

“For people to read his story and also see value in that and vote for him to kind of help us with our process with everything to make every day the best day ever with adventures and the expenses that go with everything with the diagnosis too, it's just really nice to have that support from people we don't know,” said Elizabeth Turner, David’s mother. “It's hard to talk about him, but it's easier to talk about the disease part of it."

Being nominated and winning this donation, she hopes to raise awareness for pediatric brain cancer, because she said right now, the awareness just isn't there.

“If you don’t have awareness, then you don’t have funding," she said. "If you don't have funding, then you don’t have treatment, and then you don’t have a cure."

But in the meantime, they're talking and playing superheroes and making every day count.

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