60-year-old Tim Tam Tavern reopens with a new look and Danny Mac's Pizza

Tim Tam Tavern off of Poplar Level Road in the Audubon neighborhood opened when Tim Tam won the Kentucky Derby in 1958. The story goes the tavern owner won so much money that he invested it in a bar and named it after the horse.

But after 60 years in business, the iconic bar closed a year-and-a-half ago.

Joe Sullivan was a usual customer and went from buying beer at the bar to buying the bar. He and four others have become partners to save it.

“I've been coming here for eight years before we got it,” Sullivan said. “I had been coming in here, and I liked the place and knew it was going up for sale. We kept the name, because everybody knows about it. If you walk around this neighborhood, someone would say my dad used to go in there or I went in there or whatever.”

They kept the iconic name and spent $60,000 to completely gut the inside. Sullivan said Tim Tam looked like a man cave, but it doesn't look like a cave anymore. Everything is bright and new, from the floors to the ceiling to the bathroom.

“We just want to make it a family atmosphere where you can bring your children if you want to, because it's not like Tim Tam's used to be,” Sullivan said.

The family atmosphere comes with a family size menu. Sullivan and his partners, Lisa Hulsman, Kevin Hulsman and Kenny Sullivan, partnered with Daniel McMahon of Danny Mac’s Pizza. They’re bringing two former favorites back to the neighborhood under one roof.

“We have burgers and bar food. We have Danny Mac's pizza,” Sullivan said. “Danny did start down the street here about four doors down before he started moving around, and he landed in Mellwood.”

Tim Tam Tavern at 1022 Clarks Lane will start serving lunch at 11 a.m. Friday.

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