7 years after his murder, family remembers 14-year-old Trey Zwicker

Balloons floating over downtown Louisville on Friday night were bittersweet.

They were in memory of Trey Zwicker.

"Seven years ago today, at this very moment, I was walking away from a murder scene," said Trey's father, Terry Zwicker. "And that murder scene was my child."

Trey, 14, son was beaten to death. The body was found behind Liberty High School.

Trey's stepdad pleaded guilty to the murder and is serving life in prison. Trey's stepbrother was tried and acquitted.

"He knew for a fact that his dad would never leave his side, and he knows I'm still here, even seven years later," Terry Zwicker said.

Family and friends gathered with him Friday night in Jefferson Square Park.

"This family was torn apart, so to get everyone together just for five minute to release balloons, it is just amazing," Terry Zwicker said.

He said May 11 is a difficult day, and the pain of child loss doesn't end.

"Going to the cemetery on Christmas Eve to light a Christmas tree, and all you've got there is a square stone with a picture on it and a name ... And you sit there for a minute. You don't give gifts. You don't get any response. That's what you do," Terry Zwicker said.. "And you do that for every holiday."

Terry Zwicker said this day is like its own holiday, which he celebrates with a fishing trip, something dad and son loved to do. 

"I still have his little fishing pole, and I still have his tackle box, just like he had it set up," he said. "I take it with me, and I set it next to me, and I talk to him all night long. I wish for a lot of fish. He doesn't really do good for me on that. But he's gonna do it one day."

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