July is starting off with a bang, as 15 new laws in Indiana are now in effect.

Most notable is that Hoosiers can now carry a handgun without a permit. Of course, it doesn't apply to everyone - like violent felons or people younger than 18, but it gives Hoosiers a chance to better protect themselves, if they choose.

From safety to saving money, the income tax rate will drop to 2.9% by 2029. Way to go. Gov. Eric Holcomb for helping Hoosiers save money. 

Here's what our viewers had to say:

"Indiana's got it together because they've got a good governor, a good Republican that cares about the people. Kentucky will never do that as long as we have Beshear here."

"If the governor trusts Hoosiers to tote guns, then how about trusting us to be safe drivers and do away with driver's license?"

"It's progress that Indiana now has you can carry a gun in public without a permit? Are we really to the point that we think arming everyone above 18 that's never had a felony is a good idea? Is that going to lessen shootings?"

"They were born a bunch of idiots and now they're going to give idiots a gun? Let's see what the idiots do with it."

President, General Manager

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