It's a deadly trend in Louisville. More teens have been shot and killed this year than ever before in our city's history. Tragically, 19 young lives were taken too soon because of gun violence, with another 76 kids who were hurt. 

This wave of violence has endured a year and a half pandemic, with double digit monthly homicides in each of the last 19 months.

Parents need more education and resources, and violent offenders need to be held accountable - all to give our next generation a chance at a great future.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"I think we need to start holding parents accountable for what their children do. You start talking about giving these parents time, and the children too, for what these children do. I guarantee you a lot of this killing will stop."

"They don't watch their children. They turn them out and forget about them."

"That's the problem, there's no guidance."

"Bring back the gang task force and put these people away. Don't let them back out."

"If you kill someone you should get life in prison, automatically."

"It's not going to stop because Commonwealth is giving these kids a slap on the wrist like 'Hey it’s okay to go kill someone'."

"Burying kids that should be graduating.Nothing's going to change unless we start putting people in prison for hard time, or bring back the death sentence. You can't just kill somebody and get an ankle monitor. It don't work."

"The culture itself must change."

President, General Manager

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