It's a deadly trend in Louisville. More teens have been shot and killed this year than ever before in our city's history. Tragically, 19 young lives were taken too soon because of gun violence, with another 76 kids who were hurt. 

This wave of violence has endured a year and a half pandemic, with double digit monthly homicides in each of the last 19 months.

Parents need more education and resources, and violent offenders need to be held accountable - all to give our next generation a chance at a great future.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"Where are the parents at? Why don't you know where your kids are at? Why are your kids out on the street? I think these parents can be held accountable. They want to blame everybody else, but it starts at home."

"It has to start at home. Kids have to have discipline before they're turned out on the streets."

"Reopen up JCYC and keep some of these offenders locked up instead of setting them free."

"There's no greater crime than you take a human life."

"What they need to do is start making examples out of these people that are killing our children."

"Really what the problem is, it's the music. Change the music, change the mind. Simple."

"The responsibility lies on the parents. Instead of raising inmates, they should be raising citizens."

President, General Manager

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