More teenagers have been shot and killed in Louisville so far this year than ever before in our city's history. Parents are planning funerals, when they should be planning for high school graduation.

The focus has shifted from helping our kids get their driver’s license and going on college visits to how in the world are we going to keep them alive.

Tragically, 19 kids have been shot and killed in Louisville this year with another 76 getting hurt in the process. Because of COVID-19 and the pandemic, more teens have been out of school and learning from home with less structure and supervision.

We need our kids to be safely in school so they can be safe at home. We need more education and resources for parents, plus consequences for people who break the law. 

We've had double digit monthly homicides in each of the last 19 months, a dangerous trend that keeps getting worse.  We need to make sure these violent offenders are held accountable, all to give our next generation a chance at a great future. 

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