Five teenagers and a 9-year-old shot at Waterfront Park over a scooter. This story is a tragedy all around, and someone needs to be held accountable. They survived a gun battle before most of them are old enough to even drive a car. This has become a sad reality for a lot of young people in our community. 

The teens started arguing over a silly scooter, pulled out guns and began shooting.  Witnesses said the teens were unsupervised. There is no reason a group of kids should be out past 9 without their parents. It's dangerous and irresponsible.

Louisville is on track — once again — to have the highest number of homicides in a single year. Gun violence is up, carjackings are up, and now is the time for parents to step up. These kids need structure and stability over the summer and throughout the school year.  I say if your teen does the crime, parents should pay the time too, especially if they've enabled dangerous behavior. Parents can do better, and in the meantime, I think scooters shouldn't be allowed on the walking bridge. Clearly, nothing good comes from it.

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