Our city is at war with gun violence. 

Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, a 16-year-old Eastern High School student was shot and killed standing at his bus stop Wednesday morning, and two other teens were hurt.  

We must ensure the safety of our kids before they step foot inside a classroom, and certainly when they are at school. I think school resource officers would help. 

But, LMPD removed them from JCPS in 2019 because of budget cuts, and the school board cancelled its contract with other officers.  It's time to bring them back.  

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"Well, they should have never taken the school police officers out of school."

"It's shameful we need police in our schools at all."

"When they shut down the juvenile center, kids thought they could do whatever they want."

"If they commit an adult crime, they need to be prosecuted as adults."

"Put them in adult jail, deterring them from wanting to commit a crime. Stop all your talk and put everything into action."

"You need to impeach Fischer! Get him out!"

"We just gotta make sure that our kids are not into any gangs, or into street life."

"Until the gangs are gone it's going to continue."

"How are you going to police the school when you can't even police the city?"

President, General Manager

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