COVID-19 has crippled our economy, with lots of people staying home instead of going to work. 

We need that to change, before the Delta variant tries to shut us down, again. 

Recently, major companies across the country, and here in Louisville, have decided to require their employees to get vaccinated. 

It's a controversial move, perhaps even violating HIPAA  laws, and I believe will hurt our economy and jobs.

Employees who don't want to get vaccinated will quit, resulting in higher unemployment and the same number of unvaccinated people.

It's a vicious cycle that won't end well. 

Here's what our viewers had to say:

"Everybody should be vaccinated. I think all the employers should require you to be vaccinated if you're going to work or school."

"It sounds like to me that they're trying to use blackmail in order to get people to get their COVID shots."

"We're walking. We're not going to put up with it because it's wrong. It's illegal, and it's unconstitutional what they're doing."

"Let them quit. If you quit, you can't collect unemployment."

"We need to shut the country down."

"Bribing, scaring, and threatening people to get the vaccine is the most inappropriate approach. It's time for government to back off."

President, General Manager

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