Too many people are staying home instead of going to work, despite businesses across the country putting up signs that say "we are hiring."

COVID-19 has crippled our economy, overwhelmed our healthcare system, and left families struggling to pay their bills. 

These are very real problems, with no easy solutions, but the first step starts with getting people back to work.

There are plenty of jobs out there -- that's not the problem, but we have to reduce the number of obstacles in the work place that make people want to quit their jobs, and go home. 

Recently, major companies across the country, and here in Louisville, have decided to require their employees to get vaccinated.

It has become a controversial move, perhaps even violating HIPAA laws, and I believe in the near future, will hurt our economy and jobs. 

This new mandate by companies, forcing employees to get vaccinated, is a ticking time bomb. 

A huge chunk of the working population will quit simply because they don't want to get the vaccine. 

The result will be higher unemployment, and the same number of unvaccinated people.  It's a vicious cycle that won't end well.

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President, General Manager

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