The past week has really flattened my spirit and that of this of community. Driving into downtown felt eerily like a war zone. I find myself pondering the question: where did things go so wrong? Was it the pandemic, the protest, or the upcoming elections? The search for unity should be our central focus. Unfortunately, no one wants to compromise. We must stop treating life as an us versus them dilemma. We don’t have to always agree. But we must listen to understand others’ positions. Combativeness has led to a city being shaken to its core. We must stand up for each other before our city, state, and country fall down. 

Here's what our viewers had to say:

"I'm going to point back about 35 years ago when the government discouraged spanking your kids."

"We have an irresponsible mayor, and our governor is just as bad."

"Let the courts do what they are supposed to do, and stop rioting and destruction in the city."

"If there doesn't become a common ground, Louisville is going to be a city lost."

"Y'all are too scared to go downtown. Y'all haven't even gone down there to see that it's not a war zone."

"When you yell, scream, and shout...I don't heard a word you say."

President, General Manager

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