Another day, another morning news alert: A teenager, found shot to death Wednesday in Cox Park.

Except this shooting carries greater significance … Louisville’s 100th criminal homicide of 2021.

Only two years ago, Louisville didn’t eclipse 100 homicides for the whole year. Now we’ve reached this grim milestone in less than six months.

Stopping this violence should be the top priority for our city.

Shootings lead to more shootings. We need more eyes and ears on the streets to stop the cycle of retaliation and revenge. Yet, our police department is hundreds of officers short of its full force. Mayor Fischer’s proposed pay increase is a good start toward recruiting more cops.

What about a citywide camera network? Find the perpetrators and put them away … that will make criminals think twice before pulling the trigger.

Community activist Christopher 2X is right: We need reach young people as early as kindergarten to intervene and keep them from making bad choices. But those efforts won’t pay off for years, and it’s time for action, now.

Ultimately, we need a change in mindset, with leaders who want a safer community.

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