Anyone with a college student coming home for the holiday should pay attention. Last week, the NCAA canceled 15 football games due to virus concerns. This is happening to the best physically conditioned students on campus. These athletes also have the most eyes watching them. If coaches can’t steer their players clear of COVID-19, what are we to expect of unmonitored students, and other Thanksgiving guests for that matter?

The pandemic has started its resurgence. Government officials and community leaders have begun tightening restrictions again. Many people are deepening their apathy towards the virus. This is the exact opposite of what should be done. We need to heighten our awareness. College students have superior immune systems compared to most of us. And when they do contract the virus, often they are asymptomatic. To most of them, symptoms might rival a cold. More fragile individuals, almost certainly, won’t fair as well.

These young men and women might be some of the brightest minds of their generation, but do you remember the first time you made the rules for yourself? We must act as protectors for our family but also ourselves. This has been a difficult year, but it might become horrendous, if our Thanksgiving feast starts a family outbreak.

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