When the dust settled from this year’s legislative session, Kentucky students and their families ended up with a win-win.

Advocates for public schools were glad to see $140 million new dollars for all-day kindergarten throughout the state. Did you know that Kentucky only pays for half-day kindergarten, and it’s up to local school districts to make up the difference? Talk about being behind the times.

School-choice advocates also got something they wanted. Lawmakers will award $25 million in tax credits to donors who help children with expenses like special tutoring -- or even, tuition at private schools.

Some say this will drain dollars from regular public schools, but that’s just rhetoric.

In the end, Kentucky’s public schools have more resources, and Kentucky parents have more options to find the right school for their child, regardless of their income.

Why pit one form of education against the other?

Lawmakers should keep this momentum going next year. Continue funding for all sorts of education … and oh, give teachers a raise. We all know they deserve it.

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