Next year’s race for the mayor of Louisville comes at a critical juncture for our city.

I’m not going to speak in favor of any particular candidate. Instead, I want to talk about a few things the next mayor should tackle, regardless of who wins the job.

We need to hire more cops and pay them more, so we don’t continue to lose them. We need to beautify our city by cleaning up the trash and graffiti. Finally, we need to be pro-business and fill up the empty commercial real estate downtown.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"Amen! We need a mayor with a backbone and we definitely need to clean the city up."

"Our expressways, ramps, and freeways, and interstates are so trashed. You go to other states, they got 'em so clean. Kentucky needs to clean this state up. I'm so sick and tired of looking at this nasty place."

"What's the difference between scribbling on the walls or putting these murals on every building? Graffiti is graffiti, no matter how you look at it."

"Democrats have been running this city for a long time. Let's try Republican. What have we got to lose?"

"The next mayor needs to hire more police. Build a new jail that holds about four thousand people, and fill the jail up!"

"What in the world has happened to this community? There's no respect there's no law, there's no order. We've all just about had it."

President, General Manager

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