Brave Americans, including many Kentuckians, spent 20 years fighting terrorists in Afghanistan. Denying Al Qaeda the run of the place.

It wasn’t perfect. But we had terrorists on their back foot. We had international partners sharing the burden. We hadn’t lost an American in combat in over a year.

President Biden’s botched retreat has derailed this.

President Biden said retreating would free up resources for other challenges. Instead, his failures are creating new crises.

He said this would strengthen our alliances. Instead, he’s abandoned our allies and partners.

He said this would spare civilians from “endless wars.” Instead, millions of Afghans are headed back into Taliban brutality.

And the terrorist threat is already growing.

Many of us warned about this. This was avoidable.

America needs to stay until all our people are home safe. And President Biden needs to stop letting terrorists and thugs push us around.

I’m Senator Mitch McConnell, and that’s my Point of View.

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