Derby guests and severe weather caused huge delays at the Muhammad Ali International Airport.

An Amtrak train in Louisville would help minimize problems like this and give locals and out-of-town visitors more travel options that are convenient. 

The last time Louisville had a passenger rail service was in 2003, and two years ago, a new plan was unveiled to bring it back. Mayor Greenberg confirmed the city has completed the necessary steps to put the plan in motion. A lot has to happen to get this off the ground, but I think this is a necessary investment.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"That is one thing that Louisville is lacking that most major cities have. They will need to upgrade the rails, otherwise it’s just another failed effort to bring rail service back."  

"The reason that Amtrak stopped is because there was no demand for it." 

"I would love to see rail back into Louisville. We need it to connect with the world, to bring Louisville back up to the city it should be." 

"It’s a money pit. People don't like railroads, they don't want to be on cattle cars. They want to be able to get somewhere rapidly and not worry about running off the rails."

"Rail service around the country? Out of Louisville? Where are you going to put the connecting hubs? You're really off the rails on this one."

"Louisville, get the train back."

President, General Manager

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