Award shows aren't winning anymore.

Years ago, people were celebrated for being the best at their craft, but now it's turned into who can turn more heads on the red carpet, or make the loudest political statement on stage. 

The Video Music Awards aired Sunday, and while some people dressed to impressed, others left little to the imagination. 

I know, it's supposed to be entertainment, but can't Hollywood actors, and artists, do better?

I remember a time when we honored their work - instead of focusing on see through dresses and polarizing political messages.

Here's what our viewers had to say:

"It was ridiculous, it wasn't about their talent. It was about who could be the hottest."

"You're out of touch. You sound like a 'Get off my lawn' guy. Everybody doesn't have the perspective of a sixty-five year old. Get with the times."

"People don't know the difference between class and trash anymore."

"There's a lot of stuff on TV that I don't want my child seeing."

"If you don't like what they're wearing you can change the channel."

"I'm not a prude, but this is the way I feel. It's just total nasty."

"All of these artists are just trying to get a rise out of their crowd and make a statement."

"Yeah, I love the hypocrisy of that award show."

"I didn't know anybody watched the award shows anymore."

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