Award shows aren't winning anymore.

Years ago, people were celebrated for being the best at their craft, but now it's turned into who can turn more heads on the red carpet, or make the loudest political statement on stage. 

The Video Music Awards aired Sunday, and the photos are still circulating online. 

While some people dressed to impress, others left little to the imagination, and essentially left their clothes at home. 

I know, it's supposed to be entertainment, but can't Hollywood actors, and artists, do better?

I remember a time when they did, but I don't think our current generation will. 

The problem is shows like these are targeted to teens and young adults, and when celebrities aren't conducting themselves in - what society would call - an appropriate one is winning. 

Showcasing see through dresses and political statements that are just as loud, isn't setting a good example for anyone. It's distorting reality, and making impressionable kids think it's real. 

My award of the night goes to Simone Biles. She used her platform and voice at the Olympics to talk about something important like mental health - and walked the red-carpet Sunday with class and elegance, something award shows need more of these days. 

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