A bus driver was suspended without pay for three days for getting off his bus to break up a fight. State law prohibits drivers from exiting their vehicle while students are on board, but Every incident is different. This man did the right thing. He stopped a woman from being abused. We should be proud of the driver's actions. The school system needs to open their checkbook and pay him for three days of missed work.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

Christina Shipley: That school bus driver is a good guy who did the right thing!

Mike Germain: He in no way should have been suspended ESPECIALLY without pay! He stopped a situation that could have gotten really bad.

Rebecca Reezor: I agree. He did what any one would do. He might have saved her life.

Nicholas James Woods: Rules are rules. If a driver is not to leave a bus with children on it, then he should not do it.

Lynette Underwood Polley: No students were put in harm’s way and he responded as any decent human being would respond. The driver’s actions may have even impacted students in a positive way by setting an example. He deserves to be paid!

Debra Yates: No bus driver should be alone on a bus these days. He should have had an assistant/security person.

Steve Furrow: Pay the driver!!!

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