Twenty years ago “The Boat” sailed into southern Indiana and brought in legalized gambling with it. Time has shown Caesars has been a windfall for southern Indiana. Harrison County itself collected over six-hundred-fifty million dollars to reinvest in the community. Regardless of your feelings about gambling, you must admit Caesars has greatly given back to southern Indiana. Caesars has been a remarkable neighbor.

“I do understand everybody’s point of view, good and bad, on gambling. But there was more against the bad, for gambling in Indiana, than the good but they went ahead with it, and they’ve prospered enormously over it.”

“Half of that Billions of dollars that Caesars is getting is coming from Kentucky. Now, if we would only open our eyes up and see that we can keep our money at home, if we’d like to, and get more of theirs too.”

“With all that money they make, you would think they would have more lighting on the roads to and from the casino.”

“I am a Kentuckian, and it will help our tax base, children, [and] homeless. Everything. Get it done.”

“Louisville could’ve had the boat, had it not been for Churchill Downs.”

“I hope that Beshear, as the new governor, could do something about bringing casino style gaming to Kentucky…  and I’m a Republican.”