Have you noticed all those ‘now hiring’ signs? They’re popping up everywhere.

But, this time next month, there may not be quite so many desperate employers in our southern Indiana counties.

Gov. Eric Holcomb has taken the bold step of saying, enough is enough, with all the extra unemployment money being handed out. Indiana will end its participation in federal unemployment programs, including the $300 boost to every weekly benefit check.

About a dozen other states have done the same, but the one that hasn’t of course is Kentucky. Instead of receiving a benefit check, it’s time for people to earn a paycheck.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"There are help wanted signs in front of every place of business in this city."

"We need to just get back to work and fill these positions so we can get the economy rolling even stronger."

"I don't blame people for hanging out on unemployment as long as possible.It's time for companies to start paying a living wage."

"$300 a week is equivalent to $7.50 an hour for sitting around doing nothing.No one's coming to work. Once that mentality sets in, good luck finding anybody to work."

"I draw unemployment... and I'm going to milk it until I can't!"

"It's called buying votes."

"More people need to get to work and forget about free money handouts.That's what's ruining our country."

President, General Manager

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