This past Saturday in downtown Louisville, a small group of protestors went way over the line. They accosted a group of children who were on their way into a cheerleading competition at the convention center.

As we approach the anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s tragic death, our community needs to redouble the fight for racial justice. The vast majority of the protests that happened last year were peaceful. And they helped spur action.

The fight for equality is far from over. But last Saturday’s charade only detracts from the progress being made.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"My granddaughter was one of the cheerleaders. What these people didn't know was, a lot of the cheerleaders are also black. Maybe if the protestors spent more time with their kids ... taking them to cheerleading instead of protesting, it would improve their society. I don't believe we're going to be bringing in anybody to go to Louisville anymore."

"I was a witness to some of the vulgar language that they were using. I didn't agree with it. I believe that people should do protesting in a civil manner, and leave people's children alone. It wasn't white privilege, there were black cheerleaders also. I am a black woman, but I believe that we need to be civil, and be people who Louisville can be proud of. It's one thing to protest, and another to be ignorant."

"I'm sure lots of people are going to want to come here and use our downtown for their conventions. Thanks, Mayor Fischer for keeping the people who come here, and the Louisville citizens, safe."

"Bad. Bad for Louisville."

President, General Manager

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