Getting kids back in school should be Kentucky’s number one priority. I’m glad Governor Beshear is putting teachers at the front of the line for vaccine shots. But thousands of childcare workers deserve to be there, too. While JCPS teachers are working at home, childcare workers have never had that luxury. They have shown up, day after day, puting themselves at risk. Without them, parents couldn’t work, and our economy would fall apart. Almost all of our heroic childcare workers are women. A governor who says he cares about rectifying inequality, now, has a chance to prove it. Governor Beshear must put childcare workers with teachers, at the front of the vaccine line.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"He's absolutely right about daycare workers."

"It's fine to make sure that all of the teachers and childcare workers are all vaccinated, but what about the children?"

"Quit finding excuses to put younger people ahead of the elderly. Let the elderly go first."

"The childcare workers should be at the front of the line. They are the most essential."

"Hundreds of homebound patients (that's equivalent to nursing home patients) fall under Tier 1A, should be receiving the vaccine first."

"I'm a director of a preschool. Basically, nobody is helping us. Thanks a lot for putting that out on the news today."

President, General Manager

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