When it comes to a positive drug test for Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit, Churchill Downs is not horsing around.

The track suspended trainer Bob Baffert for two years after a second sample from his Derby winner came back positive. It was a swift and significant move. Churchill needed to act decisively in this case, and it did.

But Churchill Downs is sending a message here, and it's a message we should support -- when it comes to the Kentucky Derby, there is zero tolerance for skirting race-day medication rules.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"Yes, I completely agree with them suspending him for two years. I think it should be longer than that."

"I believe the second place, and third place, of the Derby winners should have been blood tested, too."

"I think that the veterinarian should be held responsible for the horse having that medication in its system, not the trainer."

"As a previous owner of thoroughbreds at Churchill Downs, why wouldn't anyone be onboard with supporting the health, welfare, and most importantly the safety of both the horse and jockey? Kudos to Churchill Downs in making the right decision for the sport. There should be zero tolerance."

"If this was a job you would not be suspended, you would be terminated. I believe Bob Baffert needs to be terminated."

President, General Manager

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