Major sports have been back in action for the past couple of weeks. A few key decisions have made a huge difference in successful avoidance of COVID. The bubble is a term that has been cast upon teams and leagues that have isolated themselves. Basketball and hockey lead the sports world by highlighting the success of the bubble. The NHL just announced it has had zero positive test through the first week of play. The NBA had two positive tests upon arrival at Disney but hasn’t had another since. The simple conclusion is--bubbles work.

Major league baseball chose to prohibit all fans from attending games but has continued to travel. Isolating players have failed to adhere to strict guidelines and the league has had to postpone numerous games. The Indianapolis 500 announced this week they will no longer have fans at this year’s race.

The Kentucky Derby is less than a month away and Churchill Downs is not exactly in a bubble. The Derby should absolutely run this year, but it isn’t prudent to allow thousands of spectators from other states. Kentucky would pay the price if out-of-towners bring the virus. If we don’t pull back the reins, this could turn into a super spreader event.

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