The Kentucky Derby is one time of year when the city of Louisville knows it will be in a positive national spotlight, so it is a time for the city to put its best foot forward.

But you can’t do that when you don’t look your best. Because the Derby was postponed last spring, the annual citywide Derby cleanup wasn’t done. That means extra work for crews this year.

It’s a shame this only seems like a priority before big events. We should be better than that and we should LOOK better than that.

Here's what our viewers had to say: 

"That's just what we do. We normally clean up when company is coming, and when the company leaves, we never clean up any more until they get ready to come back again."

"I just came back from Pittsburgh, and it looked like a garbage trail between here and there."

"I'm ashamed for people from out of state to come in and see our highways that look like this. They need to prosecute people that are caught doing this to the fullest."

"Maybe there wouldn't be so much trash on the streets, that needed to be cleaned up every year at Derby time, if some of the no count people in this city would learn to use a garbage can instead of throwing stuff out their car windows."

"If they would use the prisoners to clean up the streets, and the highways, like they do in other states. You know, it's just common sense."

President, General Manager

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