The Kentucky Derby is one time of year when the city of Louisville knows it will be in a positive national spotlight, so it is a time for the city to put its best foot forward.

But you can’t do that when you don’t look your best. Because the Derby was postponed last spring, the annual citywide Derby cleanup wasn’t done. That means extra work for crews this year.

Louisville does a fine job of sprucing up for the Derby. Trash disappears from medians. Some graffiti vanishes. Overgrown grass is cut and flowers are in bloom.

It’s a shame this only seems like a priority before big events, but this year it’s even more important to help Louisville look the part of a metropolitan area poised to emerge from the pandemic with momentum and motivation.

Sometimes if you really stop to look at our roadsides, you’ll be disgusted at the amount of trash.

We should be better than that. We should LOOK better than that. With the Derby back in May, let’s go the extra mile-and-a-quarter to look the part of a winner.

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